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What are the most common side effects of Clonazepam?

Clonazepam is a drug that is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders, especially panic disorders in which people are prone to suffering regular and sometimes very violent panic attacks. It is also used to treat seizures, especially epileptic seizures. Clonazepam can also be used in many cases to treat anxiety disorders like social anxieties, post-traumatic stress and obsessive compulsive disorders. It can also be prescribed by doctors to treat depression indirectly, in the case that a patient’s depression stems directly from the anxiety disorders that they are struggling with.

In the case of anxiety disorders, depression and seizures, people who suffer from these disorders have a chemical imbalance in the brain that is leading to these issues. Clonazepam is a drug that will regulate these chemical imbalances and allow the person to function more properly. Obviously, since it alters the chemical composition of your brain in a sense, you should have inferred by now that Clonazepam is a serious drug that should not be taken lightly.

There are obviously many reasons for not taking the use of Clonazepam lightly, but one of the most obvious ones is the fact that there are a slew of side effects that a person taking Clonazepam could be subjected to.

Although most of the common side effects of Clonazepam are pretty mild, they are still serious enough. The most common side effects of taking Clonazepam include constipation, coughing, dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, a loss of coordination, nausea, and a general feeling of tiredness. When you are using Clonazepam under the supervision of a doctor, then the doctor will be able to not only treat the side effects that may arise, but he may also alter the dosages or chose a different drug for you that works similarly, so that you can avoid these side effects.

When you are using such a drug with no prescription and under your own supervision, the side effects can only get worse. There have also been fatal cases of Clonazepam overdoses, especially when people have used generic Clonazepam that they did not get with a prescription.

There are also a bunch of allergic reactions that a person using Clonazepam can experience. Some of them include rashes and hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the mouth face and tongue, blurred vision, a loss of appetite, a loss of sexual function, painful urination, fevers, memory loss, excessive hair growth, muscle weakness, hallucinations, and many more.

After seeing a big list of the possible side effects and allergic reactions that can occur when using Clonazepam, it really should be clear to you that you should not be using this drug on your own and that you need to seek a doctor’s guidance. If you think that you suffer from an anxiety disorder, or you are constantly having panic attacks and think that you need a drug to remedy, you need to go see a doctor – do not take your health into your own, untrained hands.